Sunday, July 17, 2005

La Sagrada Familia

If you've been to Barcelona chances are that you've seen La Sagrada Familia and your camera and everyone else's including mine has taken a picture and/or a dozen or more.

What fascinates me about La Sagrada Familia, designed by Antoni Gaudi, is that construction began around 1883 and has not finished. I heard the target date for completion would be in the neighborhood of 2025. But who knows?

The entire construction of La Sagrada Familia is funded by donations. Imagine that!

For some reason, while the church is fascinating in itself, I am more intrigued by the large cranes used in the construction surrounding the church. To me, the cranes appear to be dancing to silent music. I am overwhelmed at what man can accomplish. So ... I chose to focus on this aspect of La Sagrada Familia.

I hope you see what I see.


La Sagrada Familia, 2005

From the 7th story of a rooftop taken with a telephoto lens ... about 5 miles away. I just love the way the two apartments buildings act as a frame.

La Sagrada Familia, 2005

Personally, I don't feel the above picture is good, but I like the way the building converges. A strong, wide angle lens would be helpful. Oh well, I will try again.

La Sagrada Familia ... a new addition, 2005

La Sagrada Familia, 2005

La Sagrada Familia, 2005, ... a favorite of mine.

La Sagrada Familia, 2005, another favorite of mine.

La Sagrada Familia is an awesome structure in my eyes. Some people I have met consider the Cathedral to be an eyesore and gaudi-sh ( sorry for the word, I couldn't resist) in design. However, just for the experience and history of the Church, I regard this touristy attraction as a MUST SEE.

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