Sunday, April 23, 2006

Feast of Sant Jordi, Day 4

A Flower and a Book, Sant Jordi, 2006

Whew!! Never thought I would make it, did YOU?

Anyway, you will finally see some activity. Today, there are many people on Rambla Catalunya buying their flowers, books and balloons.

Sit back and enjoy the festivity.

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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Feast of Sant Jordi, Day 3

Feast of Sant Jordi, Day 3

One day before the BIG event. Click HERE to view the video in the REAL PLAYER!

The Diagonal and the Rambla Catalunya, 2006

So far, there is STILL only one stall setup. GRRRR! This is the starting point of our adventure.

Flowers Calling Your Name, 2006

Sant Jordi, 2006

Future Entrepreneur, Sant Jordi, 2006

But for me, the best part of this day was finding (a few yards down from the larger tent) a small flower stall operated by 3 young girls.

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Friday, April 21, 2006

Feast of Sant Jordi, Day 2

Sant Jordi Flower Lady, 2006

Friday, April 22, 2006: The music/video will show how I wildly overestimated how many people would go to the trouble of coming a full 2 days before the Sant Jordi festival actually began - reducing to the absolute minimum their chance to miss a boredom-packed 2 day wait to see the action.

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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Feast of Sant Jordi, Day 1

Feast of Sant Jordi, 2006

Day 1

Each time about this year, comes the feast of Sant Jordi. I kind of got ahead of myself in the movie/video. I made the video a day earlier where I had hoped to show you the preparations for this important event.

However, that will be shown in the next movie/video. Sant Jordi runs the entire weekend and traditionally the man is given a book by the lady and she in turn receives a flower from him.

Kind of reminds me of Valentine's Day in the United States.

Sidebar: I notice that I am panning just a tad to fast in this movie/video and the previous one. But take a look anyway.

Oh, and here is a link that kind of summarizes what the Feast of Sant Jordi is all about.

Click HERE for a brief explanation of the holiday and click HERE for the movie/video.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

La Placa de Sol

La Placa de Sol Percussion Players, 2006

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Sunday, April 4, 2006 ... a beautiful and wondrous day after what has been a long, cold winter in the Iberian peninsula.

The streets are filled with people of all kinds. Even the dogs are enjoying their very own dog day afternoon within the sea of possessive pigeons.

So many plazas, so many cafes, so many park benches and some surprises. There's music in the air, not the light hearted sounds of string and wind instruments but the gyrating pulsating sounds of not one but almost 30 percussion drums.

The beat of the drums could be felt throughout my entire body, so much so, that I wondered how the camera remained still in my hands.

The percussion players that you will see in the movie video are an exchange group from the Basque area ... so I have been told. However, my understanding of those explaining the event in castellano would not probably hold up in a court of law.

But no matter. Watch the movie video and enjoy a slice of Barcelona's Placa de Sol, at its best.

Please be patient. Sometimes the hosting site for the video is slow.

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