Monday, January 05, 2009

A Post Worth Two Excuses

For a long while, I’ve tried to keep my personal life separate from the barçalunacy blog.

I post in a gung ho fashion, disappear suddenly and without warning, reappear.

So, today, after mulling, pondering and musing on, I have decided to write you my secret.

The first is a girl, Rania, not yet 2 the day I took this photo and a pro on the mobile phone. She speaks an “unknown” language fluently and has much to say.


Rania, 2008

I worried because we seemed to understand one another all to well.

The second secret is Nisha, just a day old when this picture was taken. I was not there for her birth but went a month later and stayed with my son and beautiful daughter-in-law for 2 months.


Nisha, 2008

Caring, listening and being attentive, ALL DAY LONG is for the young and so this old lady (older than Brittany Spears but younger than Cher) was bushed, tired and sought the mattress, diligently on a daily and nightly basis.

No matter … these 2 angels are my 5 gigabyte grandchildren. Who else better to take photos of and by whom?

So, now you know.

These 2 photos especially are @all rights reserved ... and I am not joshing!

Sunday, January 04, 2009

A Fine Line

Today, I searched high and low for this picture, taken a few years ago.

I remembered the simplicity and the juxtaposition of what was real and what was not.

Today, this day, personally, I am trying to understand the difference, for the line between the two has disappeared.

 Have you ever been the victim of a great love?

I have learned that there are different kinds of love … specifically love that nurtures, like the obvious, a mother to a child.

Then, there is passion disguised as love slowly tearing down what self-respect and pride you brought into a relationship, so that towards the end of your life, (if you are lucky and strong to have an end), you “abandon” the one you love to justifiably seek your own recovery and wish well the others healing.

We had the best of times and the worst of times. (Paraphrased from a Tale of Two Cities ... to make you proud!)

You have a tender part of my heart set aside and I will always love you.