Tuesday, May 31, 2005


Sitges is a coastal town about 40 minutes by train south of Barcelona. It's a popular resort area with apartments overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. On a whim, I went late to this beautiful city. I hope to return there once the influx of tourists leave and take more pictures.

Sitges Coastline, 2005

A blue sky, calm waters, and great weather.

Sitges, 2005
"A Moment of Bobbed Contemplation"

No sooner had I taken the coastline picture, I saw a man relaxing on a bench. His composed posture, I felt, captured the essence of this calming and peaceful day. His head kept bobbing up and down, and some strange noises came from his being. Unbeknownst to him, I managed to also record a movie of him. To bad the blog cannot show this feature.

Sitges, 2005, "Coastline Homes"

Along the coastline you see building after building with beautiful flowers.

Sitges, 2005, "Enough Said"

I just couldn't resist.

Sitges, 2005, "A Clean Wall"

Many of the walls are decorated with ceramic plaques. This one was a must, more so for what it says:

"Don't dirty the walls.
Cleanliness is an important sign of civilization."

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