Thursday, February 26, 2015

Marilyn itching to greet you!

How disconcerting it was to hear purring as we leisurely walked down la Rambla.

I looked here and there but no where could I find the source of the sound.

Sometimes it pays to look up, rather than make discoveries the ceremonious right or left.

So, I was surprised to see "Marilyn"  on the balcony waving, smiling, itching to greet you and enticing many of us to the Museu de l'Eròtica de Barcelona.

You game?!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Center Stage

This photo is almost perfect ... the lighting that is.

Oh, ok ... the bicyclists aren't bad either.

This photo was taken at the entry way of la Plaça Sant Felip Neri.

If you can, please take time to read about the bombings by the Italian Air Force that took place during the Spanish Civil War.

The area was shelled and about 43 persons were killed, mostly children attending nursery school.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

La yaya!!

A great model!

She sits in the window, practically everyday. She appears shy and needless to say, she hasn't spoken a word to me in many years and probably never will.

For holidays, she gussies up, like she did here for Christmas.

She's Grandma ... (la yaya),  a seamstress and she mends clothing. That's what it says on the pink handkerchief.  I love the sound of the words "la yaya".

No!! I've not gone looney although some might suspect I am already bonkers.

I've used Arreglo for my sewing needs as mending is not a specialty of mine. A little expensive for me but in a pinch they do a real good job.

If you know anyone who is good at mending, alterations and resides in the barrio of Gràcia, and reasonably priced, please let me know.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Fargas is the best place to buy the best chocolate in Barcelona.

I know first hand because I've tasted a few samples. My favorite are the chocolate clusters ... yum-yum.

But! My heart still favors anything Hershey.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Michael Fryer's 'I saw a man-he danced with his wife'

Six weeks ago I heard the fan to the laptop make funny noises be sluggish. I have an HP envy dv6 and from what I've read this model is notorious for overheating.

Then, one day, I opened the laptop, the laptop was quiet and an error message appeared on the display warning me that over use of a non functioning fan might lead to many problems. I shut it down and for 6 weeks the computer has been absent from life.

Michael Fryer-Navy Pier, summer 1989
I saw a man-he danced with his wife

Yes ... I called the HP parts department and they sent me something or other that had nothing to do with the fan, even though I was informed they were correct. Eventually, my problem was handed over to a creative case worker who assured me that the recommended part recommended would work with my model.

You see, I had the laptop custom made from top to bottom and paid a handsome sum to get ALL the features I required for photo processing.

Now ... what makes my problem really REALLY bad is that my laptop is American born and I'm now in Spain and this particular part was not available here. Hewlett-Packard mailed the package to a United States address and then a family member sent the part to Spain.


 Chicago Tribune Magazine, August 27, 1997

Another dilemma. For the past 3 years, packages sent to Spain have been getting stuck in Madrid's customs department and many have waited from 6 months to a year to get their parcels released. So, this time I made certain there was an accurate description of the package written in both English and Spanish.

Meanwhile, I scouted around and got someone in Barcelona to replace the fan. On Friday the 13th of February, within 3 hours of the drop off, my fan was home, snoring ever so quietly.

Whew! I was and still am elated and NOT griping against HP.

But. I plea to YOU!!

While I waited and waited to get my computer resolved, I had access to an outdated computer with a Spanish keyboard.  I took the opportunity to sift through old print, scanned and dslr photos.

What I show you here is a photo from the August 27, 1997 edition of the Chicago Tribune Magazine taken at Navy Pier in Chicago by Michael Fryer in 1989. I've googled Michael Fryer, wrote someone named Michael Fryer and received no response.

You see, the magazine photo is worn, the colors have faded and the paper fragile.

I saved this magazine, because for me, the picture made me happy (still does) and Fryer's photographic style has influenced me a whole lot.

And, I would love to know who couple is and where are they now.

If anyone out there knows Michael Fryer, can you please let him know of this post.

I would be ever so grateful.