Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Death of the Western Digital 160 Gig

The Western Digital 160 Gig Passed away, peacefully, with its owner in attendance at the age of 3 years . The Western Digital will be dearly missed by its owner. It was known for its large drive capacity and affordability that drew others to its like-kind.

Most importantly, it will always be remembered by one close to it of its reliability (when it worked) and guarantee of reliability that seemed to know no limit.

Purchased in June 2006, the Western Digital was tooted as an alternative device to safely backing up your important documents and photos.

And that was exactly what the owner did. She trusted it with important text and precious, irreplaceable photographs.

The Western Digital travled far and wide. It visited various parts of the United States and Europe always bringing a sense of relief that the owner's valuables were safely secured.

Upon its demise, the external drive drove its owner into a tailspin.

Many software products were purchased on a trial basis to recapture its data but to no avail. These softwares could not read the data nor could the computer read the data.

After a few months of serious contemplation, a recovery data company called SF Bay Area Low Cost Data Recovery was commissioned to retrieve the important information which it did, much to the owner's relief.

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