Thursday, November 30, 2006

A warm human being among others who are cold through and through.

She’s doesn’t pantomime, sing, nor dance on the street. But, she’s a pretty woman, with a lovely, warm and welcoming smile.

Meet Vanessa. She’s a ticket seller for the Museu de Cera or the Wax Museum here in Barcelona just off La Rambla.

We saw Vanessa for the first time a few weeks ago, after taking some photos and speaking with a few of Barcelona’s street artists.

We got to talking, small talk, with the usual amenities, like an introduction, getting to know a little of one another and then we were off.

I DIDN’T even take any photos of her that day.Maybe I felt that our moment was just a little break for me.

Later on I got to thinking about Vanessa and what a pleasant time we had chit-chatting with her. I hoped to meet her again someday.

But time passed on and there was no Vanessa until 3 days ago. She recognized us and genuinely looked happy to see us. Although she was a little tired she agreed to have her picture taken and her voice taped.

In real life, Vanessa is an aspiring actress. So, listen to the audio, get to know her just a little and maybe, just MAYBE, someone of importance will give Vanessa a break and invite her to an audition.


You can view a little more of Vanessa and other people of interest by clicking on the link below.


P.S. I have to admit that I have not gone to the Wax Museum. Why? Because it's a little expensive for me. It is too bad that many of the attractions do not have a one-day a week or one-day a month free admission like the Picasso Museum has. Maybe some one can give free admission just a little thought?

 People of Interest View Vanessa and others in barcalunacy's People of Interest FLCKR photoset.

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Tuesday, November 28, 2006



Do you have energy, stamina, frenzy, youth and a great insurance carrier?

Can you twist, flip, spin on your head and have an attitude?

Does that sound like YOU?!

Well, it was an unusually quiet day walking down La Rambla until we got to its bottom just before el Monumento a Colón that faces the Mediterranean Sea. We heard some kind of hip hop music and there was a crowd like you wouldn’t believe.

In the midst of so many people, there were four: Raul Pablos, Roberto Golen, Mureli Simon, and Sergei Shaposhnik.

They are Barcelona’s FALLEN ANGELS – street dancers, and these FALLEN ANGELS have ARISEN!

Fallen Angels, Barcelona, 2006
from left to right: Sergei Shaposhnik, Roberto Golen, Raul Pablos and Mureli Simon.

These special four are personable, courteous, friendly and NICE too.

picture of Raul Pablos, Barcelona, 2006

As you might recall, I wrote about another street artist group called the New Orleans Ragamuffins, who were also welcoming and I believe have wonderful talent. In my post of the Ragamuffins, I said I took about 1 gig of photos and movies.

Happy Agony?
picture of Sergei Shaposhnik, Barcelona, 2006

That is how excited I am about The Fallen Angels. Well, in my book they have the same caliber of talent as the Ragamuffins, but, of course, in a different genre.

One-arm push-up
picture of Roberto Golen, Barcelona, 2006

They were kind enough to show their dance moves and their wonderful tattoos. I took about 400 megabytes of photos and had a terrible time trying to pick out the best pictures that would show-off their talent. In my defense, these are the first photos I took with a new camera so bear with me as I learn my new toy.

Sidewalk chin-up
picture of Mureli Simon, Barcelona, 2006

Talk about good health, great faces, ambidextrous and tattoos! They have it ALL!

Anyway, above are pictures of each dancer and the rest can be viewed on a Flickr slideshow.

In the slideshow, I have an additional 5 photos of a dynamic street dancer from the Fallen Angles who unfortunately left when I was talking with the group. I don’t know who he is, but take a look, and


 Barcelona’s Street Artists View the Fallen Angels and the other perfermormers in barcalunacy's Barcelona’s Street Artists FLCKR photoset.

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Sunday, November 26, 2006

My Shadow’s Light

My follow shadows me or is it me following my shadow?

Shadows follow us everywhere even on cloudy days when you can’t even see it.

My Shadow's Light, Barcelona, 2006

If you make light of a shadow it disappears … so I won’t make light of my shadow.

(The autumn sun in Barcelona is fantastic especially this day. Shadows are long, and sharp, and fun.)

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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Santa doesn’t come down this chimney

Do you ever get tired of hauling your junk from your upstairs to your downstairs?

Here’s a wonderful idea that is cheap, easy to assemble and reusable: GARBAGE CANS!

Yes, your everyday, everyone-has-one, garbage can.

Ah! The Europeans, you gotta love ‘em.

They’ve managed to take a simple household item, chain it together to form a a chute.

This is one chimney Santa Claus doesn’t slide down or UP!

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Friday, November 24, 2006

Exchange Conversation Group

In yesterday’s post, I mentioned a language group that I recently joined. Today, I would like to take the opportunity to tell you a little about the main players, the group and then some.

Its name is Exchange Conversation Group founded by Eva. Eva is a go-getter, a fantastic organizer, a real leader and a very, VERY sweet person.

The group organizes special trips to the movies, beach, museums, ethnic restaurants and etc. Every idea is heard and implemented and you can voice yours too.

Chaby, for now, leads the group to give Eva a breather. Last night was the second time I met him and he, like Eva, is a fine and friendly person.

Eva and Chaby have a great command of the English language. While they are eager to continue learning English they are as eager to help and teach YOU to learn Castellano.

The group presently meets every Thursday at around 7:00 pm. The last two meetings have been in the barrio of Gràcia in two different cafés. They are trying to find a suitable home to meet.


from right to left: Lisa, Chaby, Sergi, Eva, David, me, behind the camera

So there! You have a little idea of the Exchange Conversation Group. If you want to know more just write them an email at this address: exchangeconversationgroup@yahoo.es

Meanwhile, enjoy the photos and for a special treat you can hear the voices behind the faces!

Eva's Audio: Click HERE
Chaby's Audio: Click HERE
Lisa's Audio: Click HERE
Sergi's Audio: Click HERE

Oh, if you are wondering why there is no audio from David, he's with me and I hear HIM all the time.


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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Even Frosty the Snowman visits Barcelona

On the way to the piso from an evening in a language exchange group I belong to, we pass Susan’s place. She, with her mother, run and owns a floral shop, just a half a block from the Market de Llibertat in the barrio of Gràcia.

What a pretty scene. There to greet us is Frosty the Snowman, surrounded by these beautiful flowers. Yes, even Frosty the Snowman visits Barcelona!

I don’t want to fail to mention that it is about 50 degrees. Am I complaining? Heck, NO!

Christmas in Barcelona, compared to the United States, is much calmer. Stores and especially the homes are not overly decorated. There is casualness about this holiday and holy day in Barcelona, which I like very, VERY much.

Stores are preparing here for the holiday season but not with the same intensity and frenzy that I see in the US on Fox News.

As the season progresses, I will show you what I mean.

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Saturday, November 11, 2006

What I See and What I’ve Learned

A day in the life of a street artist.

The very first time I walked down La Rambla over 4 years ago, I, like many others was wonderfully entertained by Barcelona’s street performers and am still entertained to this day by some.

Yesterday was my first day on las Ramblas after 2 weeks of being gone. As I mentioned in a previous post, I was out of the country visiting family and I was very anxious to see some of the artists whom I’ve grown to like.

My most very favorite is the Charlie Chaplin character … Charlot, as the character is known in Catalunya. I wanted to see how he was doing, for you see, he is a sweet and mild mannered gentleman.

No tourists were by him or near him so we had a few minutes to speak with him.

A little while later, a big, burly guy with a loud mouth and a British accent came by. He did say hello. He did ask to take his picture with Charlot and so the picture was taken.

Hurly Burly Guy

Barcelona, 2006

I watched. I watched Charlot look and smile. He was in character and would have made the real Charlie Chaplin proud.

The big, burly British guy then asked his other companions to join him. They agreed and all surrounded my favorite guy.




They laughed and joked, having what seemed a wonderful moment.

Much to my very surprise, they left and no “Chi-ching” of the register did I neither see nor hear fall into Charlie’s tray.

Charlie looked at me; I looked at Charlie, my heart breaking.

You see, Charlie was sick that day and could barely speak. But they were on vacation and who could fault them for not paying attention to a little old man.

But really! What would be the big deal on their part to have helped out? After all, Charlie provided them with a service and more important a smile.

Now, truth be told.

I’ve been guilty of the same thing. Sneak a photo here and there and thinking how lucky I was to “get that unnoticed” shot and walk away like a kid just lifting a lollipop from a candy store.

But the past many weeks as we’ve talked, watched and photographed the street artists, we have been honored by them sharing their lives with us.

The money they spend to purchase theatrical make-up and fancy costumes. They stand still for hours on cold, hot and rainy days.

They wait for us.

Now granted we’ve had the chance to speak with them. You haven’t. We don’t ask that you do.

We ask that if you’ve enjoyed, just give $oney, even if a little. You know SOMETHING is better than NOTHING.

Maybe you can THINK about it.


Aside Comment: Today I have no interest in how good my photos of the British tourists are or are not. I HOPE they see this.

I just wanted to share my feelings with you on behalf of the Barcelona artists.

You take it from there.

 Barcelona’s Street Artists View more of the street artists in barcalunacy's Barcelona’s Street Artists FLCKR photoset.

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Friday, November 10, 2006

The Primping Imp

This shot taught me serendipity can happen to me. Everything is right in an extraordinary way.

As I watched him intensely, I saw the entertainer concentrate with INTENSITY far greater than mine, applying his make-up.

At least he is better at cosmetic application than me and I've probably been carrying out this procedure since well before he was born.

The Primping Imp

Align CenterThe Primping Imp

I didn't get an opportunity to know him better this time but I will the next.

Sort of looks like Edward Scissorhands and, so much so, that if he tells me he is not, I would be SHOCKED.

An aside comment: Please come back in the next few days, I have something to say about the street artists and the general public's treatment of them.

 Barcelona’s Street Artists View the Primping Imp in barcalunacy's Barcelona’s Street Artists FLCKR photoset.