Wednesday, April 14, 2010




A cloudy and overcast day in marvelous, sunny Spain.


  1. I like the contrast of the old buildings stacked up beyond the shiny aluminum. Nice photo.

    Here in the Pacific Northwest we just call it "filtered sunshine." We have a “the glass is half full” attitude around here, although it’s usually half full of rain. So tell those guys to get back outside and enjoy that filtered sunshine!

  2. me suena a ciencia ficcion...esa pared sin escrituras ni dibujos, sin afiches...y el cielo anticipando el huracan...

  3. Olá Luna, bela fotografia...Espectacular....
    Um abraço

  4. OMG, Randy.

    I've noticed a whole slew of comments that apparently went by me unnoticed.

    Thank you so much for your comment and looking at the photo!

    And I am sorry about the oversight.

    I should know that you should know all about overcast or filtered sunshine.

    I am not to far away from an area called "Pacifica" that sees the sun maybe 15 minutes a day.

    In the morning the area is covered with heavy fog you can cut it with a knife.

  5. Toti!!

    Oh, thank you for coming and looking and commenting.

    Yes ... the photo does look like science fiction ... there is no writing or graffiti because the gym was brand new and it is on the fifth floor of a building.

    Only you could see beyond the photo, Toti, that is what makes you a great cartoonist!

  6. Fernando,

    Otra vez, muchas gracias!