Thursday, April 08, 2010

The Camera Never Lies

Slips in photos like typos in writing are springboards to magical impressions.

So it was with this photo.

The Camera Never Lies

Before my very eyes, the human seemed to slowly emerge out of the wall, unto the sidewalk, as if in a dream ...

Was it?

The camera never lies!

 A Candid View of Everyday People View barcalunacy's A Candid View of Everyday People FLCKR photoset.


  1. Great shot...are you using the slow shutter speed?

  2. I guess a tailor is working inside. isn't it?
    btw, thanks for coming by. It means a lot.

  3. ical,

    Yes ... very observant!

    It is a tailor's shop.

    And you are welcome ... keep posting, if you can.

  4. Krisno,

    I must have been using the slower shutter speed but right now I can't tell until I find the original.

    I had this photo stored in picasa web albums and for some reason the exif is not there.

    Thanks for looking.

  5. lovely efect. a strange pic.

  6. Belo registo...Espectacular....
    Um abraço

  7. catherine,

    I am glad you liked the photo.

    No photoshop treatment ... just a wonderful mistake.

  8. Fernando!!

    Um abraço, a ti!

    Thank you so much.