Thursday, November 03, 2016

plaça de Narcís Oller

plaça de Narcís Oller

In the barrio of Gràcia, between Via Augusta and the Travessera de Gràcia, there's a quaint park called the plaça de Narcís Oller.

Visually, it doesn't compare to other plaças in the barrio in terms of size and crowds and that's okay with me. I like the small plaça for it has a fun seating arrangement, a running water fountain, 5 restaurants or cafes, a small grocery store, a wellness spa called the the Flotarium, a computer repair shop and wonderful architectural structures.

The plaça is small, like I said, but on special days when the weather is great you hear children playing, and you see dogs running into the fountain to cool off.

Speaking of dogs, I believe it's been about 3 years since el barrio de Gràcia has placed dog leash restrictions. I can understand why without arguing a pro or con stance. In the day when the dogs roamed it was fun to see them play with one another and enjoy frolicking in the fountain like children.

Time surely flies as the days of today quickly become the days of yesterday, more than I want.