Saturday, June 06, 2009

I knew him before we met

I was in the car just about to leave when I saw this young man sitting on the bench looking so lonely, forlon and sad.

Little did he know that I knew what his future would bring.

You see, somewhere there is a little 10 year old girl learning the aerodynamics of the hula hoop she just got for her birthday.

She plays hop scotch, nock hockey, ping pong and dances to the latest music of Dick Clark's American Bandstand.

I knew him before we never met

I knew him before we met, 2009

She and her friends are the original street corner dancers before street dancing was in vogue.

She shares secrets with her friends telling them how unsure she is of boys.

She's not confident. You see a swing hit her in the mouth and damaged her teeth.

Meanwhile, the fellow on the bench hasn't felt to well himself.

He is shy, awkward and angry.

Some twenty years will go by and by pure luck the little girl and him will meet.

For time has a way of making the wrong right.

They both are in a better place, with many more friends they ever dreamed of.

Their self-esteem, shyness, awkwardness and anger will have dissipated.

If he looks very hard, she will be the one waiting for him to sing to her.

I hope he watches and listens.

Notewell: Photo shot while in a moving car.

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