Thursday, June 11, 2009

Shady Character

This is a goat, but, you probably already know that.

Goats are fun and they are cute to look at.

They are funny and in many ways act like us humans.

Shady CharacterAlign Center

Shady Character, 2009

For example, while some humans smoke grass, the goats eat it.

Many humans eat junk food ... like cookies, candy, potato chips and generally overeat even good foods.

Goats are the same. They eat overeat green leaves, plastics, metals and rubber.

How do I know so much about GOATS?!

Ah, my fraternal grandmother had a farm with all sorts of animals and the goat was king or queen. That's what the goats thought and I knew that.

You see, I did know because out of all my cousins and friends I was each and every goats target.

When I came out of the house, the goats lined up in a single file (they must have been military goats) and waited for me to take a few steps and voila!

I was charged and let me tell you those horns are no laughing matter.

Can't you tell by this goat's demeanor that maybe just maybe I could be his next toy?

I think that was what he was mulling over.

But! I fooled him ... I wasn't going to let my past catch up with me.

Let him look for another ninny.

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